Treasures from the Archives

Taken from ORNL, “The News” Jan-Mar 1959


                    Professor G.C. DeHevesy, 1943 Nobel Prize Winner and recipient of the Atoms for Peace Award visited ORNL for conferences.  He was the discoverer of the element hafnium.  Also, introduced the application of isotopes as indicators in chemistry and biology. 


                     On the 112th birthday of Thomas A. Edison, a special science day program initiated and sponsored by ORNL, the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies and the AEC's Oak Ridge Operations allowed Tennessee high school students to visit ORNL facilities.  This visit is part of general program aimed at stimulating interest in science and engineering.  They were shown the Graphite Reactor, the Oak Ridge Research Reactor, the Swimming Pool Reactor and a typical “hot cell” where radioactive materials are processed and shipped. 


                    Dr. Alvin Weinberg provided Senator Kennedy, Mrs. Kennedy and Senator Gore a tour of ORNL.  Shown were the control rooms of the Oak Ridge Research Reactor and the Graphite Reactor.


                    The American Museum of Atomic Energy celebrates its tenth anniversary.  The Museum, operated for AEC by the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies (ORINS) opened its doors on March 19, 1949. ORINS first hastily converted, in a hectic five-week period, an unused cafeteria building into an atomic-energy museum to celebrate the opening of the town of Oak Ridge to the public.  At first its attractions were limited, but since that time, improved exhibits have continued year after year.


                    ORNL recorded in 1958 a significant increase in the number of shipments worldwide of radioisotopes for use in the peaceful application of nuclear energy.   Since 1947, shipments have been made to 65 foreign countries, with Japan receiving the largest number.  Leading shipments were cobalt 60, cesium 137, iodine 131 and phosphorous 32.