Treasures from the Archives

Taken from ORNL, “The News” Oct-Dec 1958


•                     Dr. Eugene P. Wigner, most distinguished alumnus and former ORNL Research and Development director was awarded the 1958 Enrico Fermi Award.  The award was presented on December 2nd, the sixteenth anniversary of when Dr. Enrico Fermi and his associates, among them Dr. Wigner proved on December 2, 1942 that nuclear fission could be self-sustained and controlled.  His citation spoke to his many contributions to theoretical physics, to nuclear reactor development and to practical applications of atomic energy.


•                    AEC approves the funding for expansion of the Central Research Building (4500) and Instrument Laboratory (3500).   The expansion to building 4500, a combination laboratory and administration building, includes a two-story fifth wing and a two-story, three-wing laboratory building adjacent to and connected with the main building.  The addition will virtually double the size of the facility.  The new laboratory addition will be south of the 4500 building.


•                    ORNL received approval to build, over a two year period, the new and unusual 76-inch Oak Ridge Relativistic Isochronous Cyclotron (ORIC). This cyclotron will be fixed frequency and variable energy capable of accelerating protons from seven to 75 million electron volts (Mev) and ions of a variety of elements to about 100 Mev, making it, when completed, likely the most powerful and versatile medium energy cyclotron in the world.  This new research tool will support programs including nuclear reaction and nuclear structure studies, neutron time of flight studies, radioactive isotopes production, nuclear chemistry, and radiation damage studies.


•                    The AEC's large nuclear-energy exhibits, designed and fabricated at ORNL for display at the Second International Conference, Geneva, Switzerland, will be re-installed for viewing in Oak Ridge's American Museum of Atomic Energy. They will  provide a graphic exposition of the nuclear fuel cycle.